Reunion batch 96' :D
Saturday, June 9, ϟ

So yeah on 8th June 2012, we all gathering for fun during school holidays. I don't know what to describe but I had fun with them. Enjoying my day with my friends.So letsko' look at the pictures~ :D

Lots of love, Mimilalalaaaaa~

6th monthlyversary~

Presents from him. A bangle (hand-make) , a bear, a novel and a note :')

"I'm your prince. You're mine. And I'm yours forever. I will do whatever I can to make you happy. And let you know my love for you is true. No matters what it takes. We will takes all trials together. We will face ups and downs. Laughters and griefs. Hand in hand. i will admire you always. I will stay with you through bad and good times. So do not ever fear about losing your prince. Trust me when I say "Iloveyou". Because i mean it from the bottom of my heart. I will never leave you. I love you so much sayang." - 12.50 a.m. 1st May 2012.

I'm totally missing you blog! :*
Monday, May 28, ϟ

So as you know its been a month I didn't update my blog. I've got a lot of stories to tell ya. Soo slowly, step by step. I'm still blurrr right now. you know there's a guy make noise by typing the keyboard like... "TAP! TAP! TAP!" Well HELLO I can't concentrate on my blog big bro. Baru first time guna keyboard ke hah? Aiii menyirap pulak aku. Me and my lil sister tergelak jee dari tadi. bila lah mamat tu nak bla. So that i can post my new entries. Ahhh shit! My mum called me, btw I'm at cyber cafe right now. Got problem with my "berukband" right now. So jarang update. Sooo I'll be back then! see ya! xoxo

Happy 5 monthlyversary
Sunday, April 1, ϟ

"We've had our ups and downs . This we both know . Through it all our love still managed to grow different thoughts  we had about many things . But our love for each other . Had no attached string . Hoping that the love you shared is still as strong today as it was then . Bringing you much joy . Love and happiness . Nothing in the world could ever be as wonderful as the love you've given me your love makes my days so very bright .  Just know you're mine Nur Shamila Norizam . Happy 5 monthlyversary sayang . I love you so much <3" - Syed Mohd Haikal Sharif
 After I received the text. I felt... Oh I'm the happiest, luckiest girl in the world to have you sayang. I'm glad that you're still mine. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it so much. I promised you, I'll never drift you away, I'll never forget you and I'll never find a replacement for you. Just so you know, I really really love you, Syed Mohd Haikal Sharif <3

How TheBatVampComel's story begin...
Saturday, March 31, ϟ

Once upon a time....

After she had broke up with his ex-boyfriend, she tried hardly to faced her life. She don't know how to be strong, she don't know how to fix her broken hearted and there's too many problems she don't know how to solve it. She almost give up with her life. After she try, try and try so hard to forget the past, she try to faced her single life like usual. She spent the most of her time on Twitter which is the place that she expressed her feelings. Suddenly...
There's a guy. He's quite a nice person. He knew the girl since that girl was still with her ex. Since October 2011, he followed her on Twitter. Random date they had known each other.  They started their conversation on Twitter. Break the ice, cracking jokes and more like they've been knew long time ago. He criticize her by her tweets. He stalked her even she is in relay with her ex. After that one day, both of them were having a serious conversation. He expressing his feelings to her. He told her that he had fall in love and want her to be his girlfriend. The girl laugh. She act like nothing and she didn't expect that he could said to her liddat. "UNBELIEVABLE". Only that word could she said. Cause she never thought that she could get 'replacement' in a blink of an eye and she thought that he was playing. She didn't believe it at all. He told that girl, he is serious, no jokes. The girl stop laughing and start to believe him.
And then, on 31 October 2011 they had a very long conversation on Twitter, Facebook and through phone.  They express their feelings each other, until the date 1 November 2011. He proposed that girl on Facebook....
"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible, Only you, you're the only thing I'll see forever. In my eyes, in my words and everything I do. You're the only person that can make my heart beat fast and slower at the same time. Can you be mine? <3"
She accepted it. And starts from there they begin with their new book, new life...
Everyday, every hour, every minutes, every seconds and every moments they spending their time together. Even that they're 'long-distance couple', they were never forget each other, they missed each other and that what makes their relationship grows so much stronger until now. There's too much obstruction they faced almost everyday. They keep struggle their life together. Honesty, sincerity, understanding, trust each other are all they need...

So, that's how TheBatVampComel's story begin. A girl named, Nur Shamila bt Norizam. A guy named, Syed Mohd Haikal Sharif bin Syed Zulkiflie. Th Batman Comel + The Vampire Comel = TheBatVampComel.

I'll love your for a thousand years, sayang..
Sincerely, Shamila.

I just love the way you are
Thursday, March 29, ϟ

Just now, we're texting each other. Cracking jokes, fighting until we make each other frown, hahaha and also express feelings. Suddenly I ask, "What makes you love me?" And then I've been waiting for few minutes and I thought he fell asleep already. But nahh, my thought was wrong. New message received from Haikal, he said...

" I love the way I make you feel . I love the way I make you laugh . I love your charming personality . I love your demanding attitude . I love your thug mentality and constant gratitude . I love the feelings that you give me . I love the way you understand me . I love how we're meant to be . I love how our relay expands . I love your constant maturity . I love that you're so funny . I love that its you I love and I love when we laugh together . I love that our love is based on love . Meaning God wants us to last forever . That makes me love you sayang ."
You make me overwhelmed. Speechless. And I don't know how to express my feelings with using some words. Click here to see more...

Result Exam~
Tuesday, March 20, ϟ

BooDark CekolaRH~ LOL 

Nak tahu tak... Kita kann dah dapat kertas exam. LOL ayat memang mintak kaki. Haha ok cuti sekolah dah habis, kertas exam pun dah dapat. Serious macam haprak pun ada sebenarnya dapat result first monthly exam ni. Frust kot. Haish malas lah nak cerita banyak. Just tengok je ah list ni... :(

  • Bahasa Melayu : B+
  • English : A
  • Matematik : A+
  • Biologi : C+
  • Matematik Tambahan : B+
  • Sejarah : C
  • Kimia : B+
  • Fizik : B+
  • Pendidikan Islam : A-
First first happy je bila result Matematik dapat 100%. Lepas tu bila dapat subject lain..... Hampeh! Ugh actually tak suka subject yang baca baca ni. I just more on math kira kira apa semua. Payah lah cemni! After this kena lah set more focus on class. Serious tak nak main main oh tahun ni. Maybe bulan April ni nak ambil tuition class. Whoah rajin gilaaa. Hahaha semangat ni :P Memandangkan my sister dapat result SPM 5A's, *ceh ayat* so my papa said I have to work out hardly to achieve better than her. Oh I'm so scared!! Wish me luck for the next exam k :')

Lots of love, Shamila.

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